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Noble Home Inspection Services, LLC., is a small, Denver based company dedicated to providing high-quality home inspection services.

While I am a licensed contractor, I have no ties with other businesses and do not perform any type of repair work. You get a completely honest and objective opinion about the condition of the home you wish to purchase.

I started life in 1952 in northern California. My family moved to Colorado in the early 1960’s and I grew up in the area known as “West Washington Park” in central Denver. Through several quirks of fate my wife (Susie) and I now live in the same home I grew up in - a beautiful 1902 Victorian, so I know and love old houses as well as new.

I started in the inspection business in 1990 working for a competitor. In June of 1999, I started my own business knowing I had a simple and straight-forward style that I wanted to customize to my clients.

Having spent the previous 20 years in the construction industry, I like to tell people that I am a Petrol Chemical Engineer by degree, a carpenter/ builder by trade and a home inspector by choice.

My first business decision was to hire a full time secretary and personal assistant. This was not only my first business decision but also my best! Carol, via the magic of the phone system, answers the phone between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. six days a week.  She makes all of my appointments and answers client’s questions making my job in the field much easier.

We have worked very hard these past ten years making Noble Home Inspection Services the best it can be. We’ll work hard for you!


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