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Home Buyers

Buying a home is one of the largest investments a person makes. With this in mind, you should not venture into it lightly. A home inspector’s job is to inform and educate the perspective buyer about the condition of the home:  to tell you what is wrong - and what is right - about the property; to educate you about the repairs needed; and, how to maintain the property in its best condition.

My goal is not only to meet these needs, but to exceed them.

Home Sellers

The majority of inspections are performed for buyers, but we also provide a service for sellers. This is an inspection of the "major" components before you list your property. This service provides a basis to understand what repairs or improvements could be done to improve the salability of the home. It will provide a "heads up" as to what issues the buyer may ultimately be concerned about.

Internet Buyers

Believe it or not, 20% (and rising) of homes are now being bought over the Internet - essentially sight unseen - primarily from people moving from out of state.  We'll gladly do an inspection for you and include photos, not just of the home and whatever problems it may have, but also of the immediate neighborhood.

New Construction

We do newly constructed homes in one or two phases.

The first phase is what's termed "pre-drywall". At this point, the home’s exterior is finished and the plumbing and electrical are roughed in. The drywall has not been hung and all of the interior walls are exposed. We check the structure and quality of the construction. Any necessary corrections or alterations can be brought to the builder’s attention and economically corrected.

The second phase is after completion, but prior to your final walk-through. This is a detailed quality control inspection and can be quite lengthy. We look at everything from carpet seams to wall texture We inspect the property to see if the cabinets were hung correctly, do the doors fit properly, are there rough paint edges, etc. Every square foot will be gone over and a detailed punch-list will be generated for you and your builder.

Inspection Process

With your participation, we will review and inspect the major components of the home including but not limited to the following:




Roof Covering


Type of construction 

Electrical Service 


Foundation Walls & Slab 

Grade & Drainage

Heating Systems & A/C

Roof Construction 


Water Heaters

Floor Systems & Support Columns

Siding & Trim

Gas line condition

Insulation & Ventilation 

Soffit & Facia

Crawl Spaces & Attics

 Brick & Stone work


Interior Fit & Finish

Moisture Intrusion 


Windows & Doors 

Structural Movement 

Walks & Driveways 

Kitchen Appliances 



A written report will be generated on-site at the end of the inspection.  This written report belongs to you and for you to do with as you see fit.  However, we do recommend you provide a copy of this report to your agent so they can advise you as to how to proceed with the home  purchase.


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